Press release

Sparring Capital announced the acquisition of a majority stake in Pure Trade group alongside the management team upon the exit of Initiative et Finance and Isatis Capital.

Founded in 1996 and headed by Stéfane Ladous, Pure Trade is a key player in the market of promotional products and high-end packaging for major cosmetic and perfume brands. Based in Paris, the Group has expanded rapidly outside of France to meet the needs of its customers worldwide.

Pure Trade stands out from its competitors through an adaptable model based on a network of reliable suppliers, allowing the Group to offer its customers valuable flexibility coupled with a wide range of eco-friendly and innovative designs. Its solid fundamentals and a structurally buoyant underlying market have enabled the Group to grow at a rate of nearly 20% p.a. over the last five years.

The CEO of Pure Trade, Stéfane Ladous, and its Managing Director, Virginie Honoré, intend to pursue the Group’s development, namely by strengthening its presence in the United States and by leveraging its recognised know-how and capacity for innovation to develop new products that are ever closer to the expectations of end-customers and that respect the environment.

Stéfane Ladous, CEO of Pure Trade stated: « Today’s partnership with Sparring will allow us to continue the Group’s development, which was initiated in collaboration with Initiative et Finance and Isatis Capital. We are counting on Sparring’s expertise to help us boost our international expansion, further professionalise our organisation and participate in the consolidation of the sector through external growth. »

Arnaud Leclercq, CEO of Sparring Capital, added: « Pure Trade is one of the companies that we had been following for a long time, given the quality of its performance in a structurally growing market. There are numerous opportunities to accelerate the Group’s development, as Pure Trade possesses all the assets needed to become a leading player in its sector worldwide. We are therefore happy to launch the deployment of our new fund Sparring Capital Fund 2 by investing in Pure Trade alongside Stéfane Ladous. »