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Paris, April 27 2021 : IMX France, the Sparring Capital-backed international delivery expert, and Shopiles, the parcel forwarding specialist in the French Overseas Territories, have joined forces to facilitate access to the European and American e-commerce markets for e-buyers in the French Overseas Territories.

Erasing the boundaries of e-commerce and enabling delivery of online purchases anywhere in the world

Since 2014, IMX France has offered a worldwide parcel forwarding solution through its website With this service, customers around the world can purchase from websites in Europe and the United States, have their orders delivered to one of the six ColisExpat reception warehouses, and then have the packages reshipped to their home location.

ColisExpat has seen a sharp increase in demand in recent months, linked to the Covid-19 health crisis. E-buyers from all over the world have found ColisExpat to be the ideal solution to continue shopping abroad, when the products they want to buy are not being delivered to their homes.

Open the Overseas territories market to all e-commerce sites

Created in 2012, the website offers a parcel forwarding solution dedicated to the overseas territories, answering the restrictive mention, too often met: “Delivery in Metropolitan France only”.

With its large affiliated community in the French Overseas Territories, Shopiles has understood all the issues related to the insularity and those of e-commerce sites to sell to these territories.

Shopiles has developed Neadly, a payment/delivery API, which allows e-commerce sites to sell in the French Overseas Territories via its forwarding platform, without having to manage customs clearance and shipping issues. On their side, the e-buyers can recover the VAT unfairly paid at the time of the online purchase.

With its logistical expertise and a 100% growth rate (peak period 2020 vs 2019), the Parcel Business Unit of IMX France group wanted to accelerate its development and strengthen its presence in the French overseas territories by joining forces with Shopiles.

“The alliance between ColisExpat and Shopiles is beneficial for both platforms. Our complementary strengths (knowledge of the overseas market for Shopiles and shipping and logistics solutions for IMX France) will enable us to better address the overseas market and accelerate growth in these territories,” said Laurent Cayet, CEO of IMX France.

Ingrid Chaine, founder of Shopiles adds “This alliance between Shopiles and IMX France is a real opportunity for residents of the French Overseas Territories where the majority of e-commerce sites do not ship. By doing so, we will reduce the existing differences between e-buyers in France and in the French overseas territories. I am proud to continue the development of the company I created and to be in charge of the development of our joint activities alongside the French leader in Parcel Forwarding”

Founded in 1997, the IMX France group is a historical player in international delivery and a postal operator approved by ARCEP. Its business activities are divided into two sectors: B2B and B2C parcel shipping. Thanks to its agreements with 200 postal companies and many local partners who are experts in last-mile delivery, the group offers a wide range of shipping solutions to more than 250 countries at highly competitive prices. Its main strength is the simplification of the logistics of international delivery.

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Created in 2014, ColisExpat is an international parcel forwarding service. The brand is backed by the international delivery platform IMX France, a historical player in the postal market since 1997. ColisExpat allows its customers to order from e-commerce sites in France, the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Germany and the United States, and to have their orders delivered to one of the platforms. Once the packages are received, ColisExpat will ship them back to the customer’s place of residence, wherever they are in the world.

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Created in 2012, Shopiles is the first parcel forwarding platform dedicated to the French Overseas Territories, allowing people from the French Overseas Territories to order on e-commerce websites and have their parcels delivered to its warehouses. From their customer area, Internet users can group and forward their orders to the French Overseas Departments and Territories, in a completely autonomous way.

Shopiles also offers, via its API, to connect its forwarding service to e-commerce sites so that they can offer delivery to the French Overseas Territories, by automating the processing of flows via Shopiles, without having to manage customs issues.

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Deal Participants:

Buyer: IMX Group (Laurent Cayet, CEO)

Sellers : Founder (Ingrid Chaine) / Investors: Impact Partenaires (Yannis Lambourdière)

Buyer’s advisor  

Legal: HPML (Aurélie Bonsch / Nicolas Privat)

Financial : Edenpeak (C Piémont)

Sellers’ Advisor

Legal: Backbone Avocats (Olivier Betin / Sébastien Burget)