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NovaKamp acquires Tecnizy-GCAT, the specialist in overseas technical assistance

NovaKamp, a specialist in life-base deployment, pursues its development and strengthens its expertise and presence outside of France through the acquisition of Tecnizy-GCAT.

Founded in 1998, Tecnizy-GCAT provides its clients with the expertise required to carry out their major infrastructure projects, mainly internationally, in the sectors of transportation, water, telecoms, industry, mining, defence and energy. Over the past five years, Tecnizy-GCAT has carried out more than 1,000 assignments for its clients, in 80 countries.

Following the acquisition of Fauché Energie (renamed eV-Teknology) in February 2022, NovaKamp is therefore pursuing its strategy of expanding its range of services while strengthening its technical expertise.

As a result of this second external growth operation, the group is targeting consolidated revenue of more than €40m in 2023.

Emmanuel Chopin, President of NovaKamp, says: “The merger between the two companies is perfectly in line with our development strategy and will allow NovaKamp to extend its presence to new territories and to new business sectors, working on projects presenting strong operating constraints.”

Marc de Lauzanne, General Manager of Tecnizy-GCAT, adds: “The fit in terms of expertise, clients and areas of intervention will undoubtedly bring cross-development opportunities, for both Tecnizy-GCAT and NovaKamp.”

Finally, Johann Le Duigou, Partner at Sparring Capital, says: “The progressive reinforcement of the management team, along with the two external growth operations, both carried out since the end of 2020, are part of a strategy aimed at broadening the scope of NovaKamp’s skills and abilities, in order to meet the support and expertise needs of its major clients, especially in complex areas.”

About the Tecnizy-GCAT Group:

Created in 1998, Tecnizy-GCAT is a leading partner for its clients in the context of their major international projects.

Tecnizy-GCAT offers solutions tailored to the needs of companies and experts through its three subsidiaries:
– Tecnizy-GCAT: a company specialising in technical assistance in France and abroad, working mostly with experts based in France, for clients mainly involved in the building and construction industry;
– GCAT Luxembourg: a company specialising in international HR solutions that provides expert and senior profiles of expatriate consultants, of all nationalities;
– Tecnizy Interim: a company specialising in temporary work for dedicated projects.

The group deploys 60 experts on average each year around the world, to work on major construction projects (infrastructure, energy, railway, etc.).

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About NovaKamp:

NovaKamp, a specialist in the deployment of life-base in complex areas, is notably a leading partner of the French Ministry of Defence.

The Group’s expertise encompasses:
– The design, installation and operation/maintenance of mobile and autonomous solutions for the generation, transformation and distribution of energy, as well as water and waste treatment plants;
– The design, manufacture and installation of specific power generators, know-how that has been consolidated since the acquisition of Fauché Energie (renamed eV-Teknology) in early 2022;
– The provision of technical experts in complex areas, expertise that has now been reinforced with the acquisition of Tecnizy-GCAT and its mobilisation and recruitment capacities in France and abroad.

NovaKamp’s development strategy aims to constitute a group of companies specialising in the engineering, construction and operation/maintenance of infrastructure and fixed or mobile technical solutions, with the objective of improving energy performance and contributing to the autonomy of sites and regions.

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List of participants in the operation

Emmanuel Chopin, Augustin de Castet, Nicolas Aumont
Sparring Capital 
Johann Le Duigou, Adrien De La Bouillerie, Bastien Labry

Tecnizy-GCAT Group
Marc de Lauzanne, Philippe Apra

Advisors – Sellers’ side
Benoit Cauchard, Yves Kerveillant, Edouard Berthelot

Sésame Avocats 
Laure Varachas

Groupe SACOR
Claire Dissez

Advisors – Buyers’ side
Invest Corporate Finance
Bertrand Le Galcher Baron, Faustine Jaudeau

Moncey Avocats
Marie-Victoire James, Frédéric Bosc, Eléonore Hennekine

Financial DD
Manuel Manas, Paul Demarquette